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And so it begins…

This is the first, and the hardest, post to write because it sets the tone for the whole blog. I’m a big believer in setting the bar low to start- SORRY FOLKS! 🙂

This blog, starting out at least, is a way for me to document and discuss some of the foods that I love or hate, discover or even nostalgically reminisce about, and hear from others on their experiences too. I’ll be writing about food from dives to trendy and/or ‘classy’ joints or maybe something I have cooked myself, but on some days it might just be about a snack that I just purchased instead.

Food and I haven’t always had the best relationship, but I have a ‘healthier’ view on it now and just love to eat things that bring me joy. Coming from the Mahoning Valley I have always thought we had the best food; in some instances I still believe this to be true today. (From coffee & desserts @ the Mocha House, to the best chili cheese dog @ THE Original Hot Dog Shoppe, or the best old world pizza & parms @ Sunrise Inn…& you just can’t forget the unbelievable fried, garlic chicken @ Buena Vista!) But now I have been living in Columbus, OH for over a decade (YIKES!) and cannot get over all the great options we have here for truly great meals, tasty sandwiches, and even great local produce. Over the last seven years or so, I’ve discovered my love for cooking old classics or recreating them with a new twist, trying something new and out of the box; and I’ve learned that variety truly is the spice of life. Food helps make my world go round.

Most of the things I will write about will likely be around food coming from Central Ohio. However, as I do travel for work or for pleasure and I’ll be writing about dishes from Cleveland & Cincinnati to Alaska & D.C. too.  As I am sure you have already noticed, I am not an English major nor a culinary expert and so I apologize ahead of time for writing the way my wacky brain works- but hopefully a little less scattered and a lot more cleaned up! I’ll try to post pictures whenever possible, (Who doesn’t love a good visual/splash of color?!?!) and do my best to tell an honest, although individual opinion, on my excursions.

Hopefully, more than just myself will enjoy the adventure with me & remember, these are just One Ohio Girl’s opinions on the food that she discovers along her journey.


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